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You either want to learn to play, or you want to get better: are you one of these?

You've got that Stratocaster in the case in the closet, that acoustic in the corner, or that Precision Bass on the stand in the den. You pick them up once in a while, but the magic doesn't come: there are a lot of big questions about how you get to playing, and actually enjoying that thing. You put it off to another day, or year, or decade.

Maybe you have a kid who got that acoustic guitar for Christmas...last Christmas. They like music, but, how do they turn the sounds they're making, into music? How do you even tune that thing?

Or, you might have put thousands of hours into playing, and you're an active musician who's learned a lot, but you always come to the same hurdles, and step around them instead of bounding them: you feel like you're re-inventing the wheel, every time you play. How can you know so much, yet still not be able to figure out the rest?

Let me help you get there, wherever it is you need to go.

Alex Guitar Lessons 2All the above scenarios are common. None of them are actually hard to figure out or fix. The question is, are you able to get to your next musical goal on your own, and, will you really carry it through? If the answer to either is, "well, honestly, no," then that's where a great teacher is of use to you. This is what I do.

If you're a total beginner, I remember exactly what that was like. PTSD? Maybe. Actually, "no pain, no gain," does not apply to music. It's all in the method.

If you're a working pro who wants to understand it all, I've been there, too. Procrastination? Definitely. No worries. The methods are everything.

I apply a lifetime of playing music, the art of learning and teaching, and real care and respect for my students, to every client, and every lesson.

This needs to be rewarding and fun for you.

It's work, but it has to be something that gives you something worthwhile inside: it has to make your life better.

That's why you're here, and it's why I'm here. I will drive you as hard as you can go, if it's what you want, and I'll give you the encouragement a great teacher has to give. You'll get the best instruction and support you can get. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Give me a call!

I'm easy to reach and easy to talk to. Just tell me a bit about yourself, or your kid, or your wife, or son-in law, who you're getting into lessons. I'll get you going with an optimized and flexible approach to playing, and playing much better. From just strumming that guitar to plucking that bass, to advanced techniques, full-on formal ear training, music theory and advanced songwriting, I've got you covered. I look forward to sitting across from you in the studio!

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Located in Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs
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