About Us...

Peak Values was founded in 2009 by John Eyer, publisher. John has an extensive background in directmail. His knowledge of this industry, the products and his ethical values have attrated the best of the best reps and creatives to this company. Peak has truely developed a family owned mentality between all those who operate within it.

Each Rep and Creative who works with Peak Values offers a professional value to this company. Representatives of Peak Values have extensive advertising backgrounds. When you are paired up with a Rep, you can rest assured that you are in great hands. All of us can offer you design ideas and concepts to increase your sales. We all work as a team and have an excellent "Think Tank" between all of us. We are more than just a magazine, we offer you "advertising agency" quality services.

Our Art Department...

The art department is operated by Derrick Cook, owner of Breakthrough Graphics. Derrick and his team of professionals will give you the best possible design to represent your company. Derrick has over 20 years experience in Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing. He has worked with many ad agencies, magazines and art departments. Each Rep works with Derrick and his team to design the perfect ad for your business... and best of all, this service is FREE with your purchase of ad space!

Ethics and Assurance...

Our relationship with you as a client is what we value most. We want you to feel a sence of peace with your relationship with us. Therefore, we let our product speak for its self. Our contract with you is a simple one. We offer a six mailing rate, but you can cancel your contract with a 30 day writen notice! So sign up and get the best rate, why not? Also, we show all our clients a proof of mailing. This is not the norm in our industry, but trust is important to us, so this is how we earn that. You will find us to be very different in this industry and we hope that this will enrich our working relationship.

Our Promise to You...

We promise to give you the most we can give. From professionalism to response, we strive to make your experience with us a positive one. We want you as a client, and we will work for that! :)

Small Business...

Each of us at Peak Values owns a small business. Our passion is small and family owned businesses. We have designed our magazine to be able to support small business. The magazine is zoned in a very specific way to be able to offer a small business the abllity to afford to advertise. This is why you will find Colorado Springs divided up as you do. This allows us to offer 1/3 page ads at a very affordable rate. Contact us to find out how we can work within your advertising budget. We offer a monthy payment or payment by the issue. We want your company to grow and be profitable.

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